2021-12-08【Course】110-2 (Spring 2022) Schedule of Classes

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English-taught Courses in Geography Department

110-2 (Spring 2022)

Programs Course Code Course Name Req./Sel. Credit
Bachelor Program GEU0199 Sustainable Tourism Management Sel. 3
Bachelor Program GEU0016 Statistics for Geography Sel. 3
Master’s Program GEM0083 Studies in Biogeography and Natural Conservation Sel. 3
Master’s Program GEM0037 Remote Sensing Sel. 2
Master’s Program
Doctoral Program
GEC8027 Studies in Political Ecology Sel. 3
Master’s Program
Doctoral Program
GEC8034 Science Writing in English Sel. 3
Doctoral Program GED0080 Seminar on Geography Req. 2
Doctoral Program GED0081 Field Work in Geography Req. 2
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